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    QIoT Suite Lite

    Rapidly develop IoT in just 3 steps

    QNAP NAS not only protects your digital assets, but also provides QIoT technology to allow you to explore potential IoT business opportunities. Following the launch of QIoT Containers for building a private IoT cloud platform, QNAP have introduced QIoT Suite Lite - a more hands-on IoT development app - that provides additional practical modules for developers to easily adopt while accelerating development and services. 



    What is QIoT Suite Lite?

    Efficient IoT development cases

    QIoT Suite Lite leverages popular tools – Node-RED and Freeboard – to help create IoT environment easily. It supports multiple protocols (MQTT, HTTP and CoAP) and dashboards, and allows for the quick connection of development boards along with multiple sensors. Simply determine the rules engine and dashboard in QIoT Suite Lite to initiate IoT applications within minutes. QIoT Suite Lite also adds MQTTS and HTTPs security layers on the protocol for secure network connections.




    Shortened design lifecycle

    Hands on with the quick setup wizard

    QIoT Suite Lite includes a Quick Setup Wizard to assist in creating IoT applications step by step. You can use either Python or Node.js to easily implement starter kits including Arduino Yun, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, and MTK LinkIt™ Smart 7688 (Duo). Saving time on codebase and searching for modules, you can launch your IoT application with the shortest time and least human force by using QIoT Suite Lite.




    Design with a graphical flow

    Intuitive drag-and-drop blocks

    QIoT Suite Lite integrates Node-RED as its rules engine that features a flow editor to simplify IoT development. The graphical interface provides drag-and-drop blocks with connection nodes, making it flexible to form a workflow. All of the processing messages are visualized for easy understanding and management.




    Monitor data sources

    Customizable dashboard made easy

    QIoT Suite Lite uses Freeboard as its IoT dashboard display, which can be shared via API to push the collected device data stored on QNAP NAS to other dashboards such as Microsoft® Power BI for further data analysis, sharing, or import/export. The customizable dashboard offers great advantages to help monitor important information of connected IoT devices.




    Start QIoT 1-2-3

    Simple, easy and fast

    Add ThingsRules EngineDashboard
    Choose thing type (Start Kit) and resourcesDetermine the logic and reaction of message processingDesign the presentation of the displayed information



    Cost-efficient private cloud for IoT

    Joint benefits from private & public clouds

    QIoT Suite Lite benefits from the security and high capacity provided by QNAP NAS to safely store your IoT data. QIoT Suite Lite can also be configured to receive data from conventional, resource-constrained devices which may not be IP enabled. With QIoT Suite Lite, you can store all your data on low-cost private clouds before exporting the filtered data to premium public clouds for analytics and maximizing your cloud resources. QIoT Suite Lite – the private IoT cloud platform integrated with public clouds – enables you to easily acquire IoT services with greatest flexibility and cost efficiency.




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